Family First.

Every child needs a positive support system in their life. As Juvenile Court Judge, Linda's goal will be to strengthen and support families to help provide a safe environment for children to succeed.

Dear Mobile voters,

My name is Linda Collins Jensen and I am running for Mobile County Juvenile Court District Judge.

When Judge Brown told me he was retiring after serving 24 years as Juvenile District Court Judge, I knew it would be really hard to fill his shoes. As Juvenile Court Judge, I will continue my work to help families and children in Mobile.

I have spent my entire career defending the rights of children and families.

As a young attorney, I joined the District Attorney's office and found my calling working for the Child Advocacy Center prosecuting child physical and sexual abuse.

When I left the District Attorney’s Office, I opened my own practice focusing on Family and Juvenile Law as well as criminal defense. The most rewarding part of my practice was working with children in the Juvenile Court as their Guardian ad Litem.

I learned from listening to my young clients that no matter how bad a child’s home life was, they wanted nothing more than to be with their parent. Even when this is not possible, I know that every child needs positive adult role models in their life.

If the family can’t provide that then it’s up to us as a community to make sure someone is in that child’s life to make sure he or she does not fail.

I am a firm believer in mentoring.

When I was appointed by Judge Naman to serve as Juvenile Court Referee in 2010 I started a group mentoring program for at risk girls.

The Girls Leadership Program is a 12-week program aimed at introducing girls to positive role models from this community. The mentors provide support and advice to the girls in a nonjudgmental loving environment.

I am also a huge supporter of the NEST program, which provides one on one mentoring from a group of dedicated volunteers.

As Juvenile Court District Judge I will continue to promote innovative programs to help our most vulnerable citizens.

The Juvenile Court is the most important Court in the County in that we have an opportunity to make real changes in the lives of children and families.

Thank you for your support,

Linda Collins Jensen